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If you started 2020 as someone with little to no experience with video conferencing, you likely finished the year a total pro. The coronavirus pandemic rapidly accelerated a growing trend toward remote or hybrid work for millions of workers around the world, and video conferencing was the tech engine that made this massive switch possible. 

That said, not all platforms are created equal. In the coming year, companies will need to consider how to use the best tech to ensure that remote work remains efficient, effective, and even enjoyable for their employees. With exciting new products like RingCentral Glip becoming available in 2021, video conferencing and remote work have never looked better.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay

According to survey data, remote work will see a 77% increase between 2019 and 2022—a number likely to be even larger in actuality, when one takes 2020’s unforeseen events into account. Even putting 2020 aside, the past decade already brought a 400% increase in the number of employees working from home at least once per week.

Employees themselves report changes in their work that line up with those numbers: nearly a full 75% say their jobs now involve more collaboration across teams and 66% say they’re teaming up on virtual work more than in previous years. 

Finding the Right Video Conferencing Product

With such a high volume of virtual collaboration, the right video conferencing product needs to support large meetings. RingCentral Glip, for instance, enables hosts to create meetings with up to 100 participants—while the premium RingCentral Glip Pro ups that number to 200—with no cap on meeting length. 

Just because your meeting involves dozens of participants doesn’t mean you should compromise on video and audio quality. Glip provides HD video and audio, so you get your work done without interruption—no one wants to spend their valuable time repeating “Can you say that again?” With further options for background noise reduction, dark mode to reduce eye strain, closed captioning, virtual backgrounds, and more, Glip has taken pains to build RingCentral’s most immersive conferencing environment yet. 

Avoid Platform Proliferation

Of course, with the rise in video conferencing, companies have seen a spike in the number of platforms competing to provide that conferencing. Roughly 62% of companies report utilizing three or more video conferencing platforms. That presents a clear problem: remote collaboration relies on shared tools and clear lines of communication, and these essentials become more difficult to maintain when employees are juggling multiple platforms.

Accordingly, the ideal video conferencing product would provide in-app collaboration and communication tools—helping employees avoid the need to constantly switch between several different products, thereby reducing opportunities for miscommunication and mistakes. RingCentral Glip offers built-in messaging so teams can collaborate before, during, and after meetings. 

Further, Glip’s innovative “team connect” tool allows users to create team messaging groups for easy collaboration—making it simple for a user to sync with all of their necessary contacts, including non-Glip users. Add that to the fact that RingCentral’s open platform allows Glip to cleanly and simply interface with office productivity apps—like those by Google, Microsoft, and others—and it becomes clear that RingCentral Glip provides a consolidated video conferencing platform with the built-in tools and easy interfacing necessary for successful and intuitive remote collaboration.

Stay Safe and Secure

Group on RingCentral Glip

With more and more work—and more sensitive work—happening in virtual settings, it’s never been more important to make sure your video conferencing platform keeps your data safe. In fact, even when dealing with sensitive data, over half of remote workers claim they lack adequate security training.

Fully compliant with CCPA and HIPAA data protection laws, RingCentral Glip provides a secure place for your video conferences. Glip’s optional “waiting room” functionality gives hosts the choice to password-lock a meeting and control its guest list, so your meeting won’t get “bombed” by unwanted visitors. Hosts can control which meeting participants are allowed to chat and screen share, as well, for further protection.

With 83% of employees reporting higher job satisfaction when given the option to work remotely, companies have an amazing opportunity to create a happier and more productive workforce. However, without the right video conferencing product, they may see themselves left behind in the remote work revolution. RingCentral Glip will help your company work at its best—no matter where you might be. 

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