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This year has forced businesses to get creative and find new ways to reach customers who can’t visit brick-and-mortar stores. For many, that’s meant an increased social media presence.

Walmart in particular has carved out a niche for itself on TikTok, where it will host a first-of-its-kind livestream shopping event Friday, Dec. 18; tune in today at 8 p.m. ET to join 10 TikTok creators for a one-hour shoppable variety show.

“[This] gives us a new way to engage with users and reach potential new customers, while bringing our own brand of fun—with the help of fashion-loving TikTok creators—to the platform,” Walmart’s Chief Marketing Officer William White wrote in a blog announcement.

The Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular features big names, like headliner Michael Le (one of TikTok’s most-followed users), and includes top brands such as Champion, Jordache, and Kendall + Kylie, as well as Walmart’s own Free Assembly, Scoop, and Sofia Jeans. Each creator will unwrap different styles, try on various looks, and flaunt Walmart’s fashion-forward trends in their own unique way—be it a peek inside their closet, a living room runway show, or a dance off.

“We’ve shortened the distance from inspiration to purchase by making it shoppable,” according to White. See a Walmart fashion item you like? Simply tap to add to your cart and check out. It’s like dinner and a show, but you get to take home whatever you buy.

“We created this event for, about, and by our community, reflecting the lives, passions, and styles of a diverse set of creators,” the blog said, “so everyone watching will feel represented, no matter who they are or how they outfit their closet. It’s unclear which TikTokers will be participating alongside Le.

“It promises to be a fun and interactive event,” White teased of the upcoming show. “And because it’s TikTok, we’ll have a whole bunch of creative surprises up our sleeve.”

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