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Are you and your adorable munchkins trapped at home with nothing to do? Most parents ran out of projects and entertainment (and patience) for their kids about two or three days into our collective coronavirus entrapment, when screen time guidelines went out the window.

What might have helped: a constant new set of stimuli to keep kids happy. Maybe not as happy as watching Netflix and Disney+, but hopefully close, as kids love to get stuff in the mail. A subscription box (or boxes) is stimuli by mail, so it’s twice as good.

Below is a collection of some of the coolest subscription kits you can get them for Christmas and beyond, from clothing to books to chef training to STEM and STEAM toys and projects. Expect sticker shock with a few of these boxes. But that’s what grandparents and aunts and uncles are for, especially during a crisis when all they can do is FaceTime your little cherub(s). Order up one of the boxes below to keep them smiling. They are, so I’m told, our future.

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