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The Mathspel gaming chair (Credit: Ikea)

Ikea has launched its first foray into gaming furniture. 

The Swedish company partnered with PC maker Asus to develop 30-plus products, which are on sale now in China and will launch globally in October. The furniture, first teased last fall, includes gaming chairs, gaming desks, a mug holder, a mousepad, and more. 

Ikea’s gaming lineup (Credit: Ikea)

The products are affordable relative to some of the competition. For example, the Matchspel gaming chair is retailing in China for 999 yuan ($154) when other gaming chairs usually go for over $400.  

According to Ikea, the Matchspel is ergonomically optimized to help you sit comfortably and game at your peak. For customers who want to spend less, the company developed the $108 Utespelare and the $46 Huvudspelare gaming chairs, which both nix the headrest.  

Ikea's gaming desk

Uppspel gaming desk (Credit: Ikea)

On the gaming desk front, Ikea has created the Uppspel, which starts at $588. It can be adjusted at four different height positions, and also comes with a USB charging port.

Other interesting products include a four-wheel stand you can place your CPU on, and a neck pillow to help you relax between games. As The Verge notes, there’s also a strange wooden hand that’s intended to grip your cables or headsets. (The company has cataloged all the products on an English language webpage.)

CPU standneck pillow

Ikea CPU stand and neck pillow (Credit: Ikea)

Ikea sees a major market in gaming-related furniture. During the pandemic, people’s gaming habits have only soared amid a surging demand for PCs, especially laptops. “With an ever-increasing number of gamers worldwide and a rapidly growing market, getting into gaming was a natural step for Ikea,” the company said in the announcement

As for Asus, the vendor is hoping the partnership will help expose more gamers to its gaming sub-brand, ROG, which develops laptops, graphics cards, and motherboards. 

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