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Enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset? Apple may have a new Fitness+ feature just for you.

The function, called “Time to Walk,” has not been officially announced, but is expected to go live on the Apple Watch “soon,” as the watchOS 7.3 beta wraps up. As MacRumors reports, it was spotted first by Twitter user Othmane, explaining that the upcoming workout is “an audio experience in the Workout app where guests share inspiring stories as you walk.”

Subscribers will be able to launch the program from their wrist to choose from a library of stories, which, based on a screenshot of the since-removed Apple promo video, includes a tale by singer Shawn Mendes.

“From the video my understanding was that it was something that’ll be dropping from time to time,” Othmane tweeted on Sunday, citing the “initial lineup” as entertainer Dolly Parton, NBA player Draymond Green, Orange is the New Black actor Uzo Aduba, and Mendes.

You’ll be able to opt in for automatic downloads of fresh Time to Walk stories as they become available; narratives appear when the Apple Watch is connected to power and near a paired iPhone, and are deleted upon completion of the workout. It’s unclear whether the stories will be one-off accounts or episodic readings. Apple did not immediately respond to PCMag’s request for comment. 

Settings for Time to Walk began appearing “weeks ago” in earlier watchOS 7.3 betas, according to MacRumors, suggesting a public launch “when the software updates are publicly released, likely this coming week.” Apple’s at-home exercise program Fitness+ launched last month. For $9.99 per month (or $79.99 for one year), the platform displays studio-style workouts over an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV device. It also integrates with Apple Watch to highlight real-time stats on your body, such as heart rate and calories burned.

At launch, Fitness+ features 10 workout types, including high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, yoga, dance, core, cycling, treadmill (for running or walking), rowing, and mindful cooldown, with new routines arriving each week.

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