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It had to happen eventually: Fiat has launched a car you can say “Hey Google” to, and it’s even part of the car’s name.

Writing on the Google blog, Vincenzo Riili, Country Marketing Director, Google Italy, explained how Fiat approached Google about working together to integrate Google Assistant with a special edition Fiat 500. The end result is the Fiat 500 Hey Google range, consisting of 500, 500X, and 500XL models.

The integration was made possible by a new My Fiat Action, which integrates with Fiat’s Mopar Connect service and Google Assistant, effectively allowing owners to talk to their car. When driving, it means voice activated directions, weather updates, or general information can be conveyed. However, away from your car it’s possible to still access vital information such as how much gas is left in the tank or where your 500 is parked. To access the new features, users simply have to say “Hey Google, ask My Fiat…”

When you purchase a Fiat 500 Hey Google model, Fiat includes a Google Nest Hub as part of a Welcome Kit, which can be used to access your vehicle with voice commands just like a smartphone. Not sure if you locked your car before walking away? Just ask Google Assistant to check and lock the doors if they aren’t already.

It won’t be hard to spot one of these new 500s as they are the first to carry Google branding. Two of the wheel arches will show the Hey Google Badge, and the central pillars “are decorated with elements inspired by Google’s colors.” The same colors and pattern is present on the seats inside, and the 7-inch touchscreen display flashes up the Hey Google logo on the welcome screen. If you want one, prices start at 12,500 euros (roughly $15,000), with the three models being made available in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and the UK.

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