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Consumers in France looking to buy iPhones or Macs can now view each product’s repairability index.

According to MacGeneration (via 9to5Mac), the feature showed up this week (Feb. 25). It’s meant to assist buyers with determining how easy it is to fix an item they’re interested in buying.

Based on regulations set by the Minister of Ecological Transition, the index examines whether items meet certain prerequisites. That includes if documentation on repair, use, and disassembly is available, whether spare parts are up for purchase and how much they are, and whether software updates or remote technical assistance is an option.

This information is required as part of France’s crusade against additional waste generated by older electronics. Law No. 2020-105, Regarding a Circular Economy and the Fight Against Waste, aims to minimize waste and reuse as many resources as possible.

How did Apple’s biggest products do? The new M1 MacBook Air scored a 6.5/10. The iPhone 12 mini snagged a 6/10. The M1 MacBook Pro got a 5.6/10, while the iPhone 11 scored 4.6/10. These scores are quite low, but it appears at least some of the company’s newer products have done a bit better for themselves.

These scores are likely related to the fact that it’s both difficult (and sometimes impossible) to repair iOS devices on your own. This is especially true when it comes to some of Apple’s older products as well.

Repairing iOS devices has always been something of a hot-button topic. It was only in 2019 that Apple chose to relax some of its rules around repairing some iPhones. Apple launched an independent repair program that has grown significantly ever since. It expanded in 2020 to include Mac repairs in addition to iPhones.

Apple hasn’t indicated any plans to adopt a similar index for customers outside of France.

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