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During the 2019 holiday shopping season, people spent more money online than ever: $135.35 billion in the US alone, according to Statista, an increase of $15.81 billion over 2018. There’s no reason to think 2020 won’t see similar increases; holiday spending has gone up every year since 2008, and online shopping is now a hallmark for dealing with the year of COVID-19 quarantines.

As always, a lot of that money is going toward new tech. We approve, of course, but not all gadgets are worthwhile purchases. There’s a point of diminishing returns with almost any overpriced item you buy, especially digital toys that depreciate the instant the box is open.

Below are some of the most expensive computing and tech products around, many of which we covet nonetheless. And why not? When you need to take out a second mortgage just to afford some toys, you’re in a class by yourself. Not one of these products is a gag either. They really exist and someone, somewhere buys them. In some cases, selling just a couple could keep a manufacturer in the black for a while.

Take a gander at what you can’t afford. If you really have money to burn, check out Pricey Tech Gifts That Are Worth the Splurge.

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